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    Nike Train Speed 4 is a renowned name in the world of exercise shoe lovers. Today you are going to read our complete Nike Train Speed 4 Reviews. There is nothing that feels quite as good as a good morning run. It helps you wake up properly, it is good for your legs, your heart, your lungs, your blood pressure and pretty much improves your health all-around.

    Besides, there have been several studies that have proven that running in the morning through the park while relaxing and listening to music brings a lot of benefits for your mind, since you let go of whatever problems you may have for an hour or so and it is a well-known fact that physical exercise releases endorphins, which are chemical substances that make you feel happy and fulfilled. And there is nothing that can ruin a perfect morning run through the park like uncomfortable running shoes.

    But even if you are not the running-type person and you enjoy more exercising indoors, with friends at a gym and watching how your body evolves and becomes stronger and aesthetically appealing as you make progress with your weight training, you still need to wear the appropriate footwear to avoid slipping and falling –which can result in a serious tragedy if you are holding heavy weights- or simply to stay comfortable.

    In both these scenarios, there is a constant factor that, even while being dismissed as irrelevant by many people, actually has the potential to enhance or ruin your entire workout, and that is running shoes. Running shoes are in fact the first thing you should consider before starting a workout program, and NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes are one of the top options available.

     Amazing features of Nike Train Speed 4 :

     We are going to start with our first impressions on these amazing running shoes and then we will explain you its main features and its cons and pros before moving to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the final thoughts sections. If you are ready for a running session, let’s go right ahead and review these amazing pieces of footwear!

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    First impressions

     The first thing you will see when you lay your eyes upon these gorgeous NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes is that they look stylish, comfortable and durable. You will see that they have an amazing two-layered design, the iconic Swoosh that anyone can recognize anywhere in the world, the sole that looks thick and aerodynamic and, naturally, that they come in more colors, versions and styles that you could ever hope for.

    Whether you are a professional, high-performance athlete that is looking for the perfect match for your intense workouts or just a regular person looking for a stylish, comfortable and appropriate option in footwear for working out, you are above to discover exactly what makes the NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes such an amazing option.

    Nike train speed 4 reviews

    The eye-catching design

     Even when the popular Adagio suggests not to judge a book by its cover, there is absolutely no way that anyone can refrain from judging these running shoes at first by their appearance. And they should not refrain, as a matter of fact, since the NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes are incredibly appealing to the sight.

    First of all, let’s talk about the two-layered synthetic materials design. The shoe underneath, so to speak, looks just like a regular running shoe. It is made of durable and breathable fabric that is meant just to keep everything in place and allows your feet to properly breathe through the materials. But the NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes are nothing like regular running shoes.

    On top of the regular fabric, they have a hard-to-describe sort of synthetic net that gives them an appeal and look that no other running shoes on the market have. This kind of net looks bold, audacious, modern and stylish without making the fabric underneath less breathable, since it has holes of different sizes and shapes everywhere.

    Finally, the sole comes in an astonishing two-colored design that catches the eye immediately.

    Depending on the model you choose –there is a wide variety of models, as we are about to see on the next sections, the part of the sole that is visible without having to lift your foot comes in a base color that matches the color of the regular fabric of the shoes and a secondary color that sometimes matches the color of the net or sometimes is an entirely different and contrasting color that brings the look of your NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes to the next level!

    The incredible variety of models :

     One of the best parts about the NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes is that is a highly modern and versatile model that comes in more than twenty different styles. These are some of the most popular and the customer’s favorites:


    This is the primary style. It comes with the regular fabric in black and the synthetic net in black as well, with the Swoosh and the sole applications in white. It is the perfect model for discrete people that value functionality over

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    Black and Blue

    A very modern style, it features the regular fabric in a bright blue color, the synthetic net over it in black and the Swoosh in white. The sole is made from a fantastic combination of blue and white for the trendy runner.blackandblue.jpg

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    White and Black

    This is a classic option for those who yearn for the old days. The almost-all-white design gives this version a very classical look, while the black Swoosh and sole applications imprint on the shoes a very classy aesthetic appeal.

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    Red and White

    The best option for people who want to set trends at the same time they are exercising, this version comes in a perfect dark-red and white combination that is absolutely designed to turn a few heads at the running track. The Swoosh comes in a discrete black color that does not try to overshadow the bright-white synthetic net.redandwhite.jpg

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    Red and Blue

    This option looks incredible for people of all ages, but it seems especially appropriate for children. The regular fabric features a blue color while the synthetic net over it comes in a playful bright red tone, while the Swoosh stands out for being white as the sole.redandblue.jpg

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    Green, Black and White

    Those who like to keep their elegance while working out at the gym or the running park will find in the green and black style their perfect fit. The black regular fabric provides the elegance and timeless style, while the green-colored synthetic net provides a spark of energy to the shoes. The Swoosh comes in a cream-white color that blends perfectly with the regular-white soles.greenandwhite.jpg

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    Blue and gray

    This style comes in a very surprising combination of gray and turquoise blue. We are often accustomed to running shoes being either classic –in white or black styles- or highly eye-catching, but this version, featuring the regular fabric in a calming turquoise blue and the synthetic net and Swoosh in an elegant gray color, brings sobriety and good taste to the running shoes.blueandgrey.jpg

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    Definitely, for people with strong personalities, the NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes in their camouflage version are stunning and unique. The entire shoe has a camouflage pattern in green, black and beige colors that make it stand out from the crowd, while the Swoosh blends perfectly at the background in a regular black color.greenandblack.jpg

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    Black and Red

    This version looks aggressive, stunning and versatile. It features the regular fabric in black and the synthetic net in a neither-bright-nor-dark unique red color that is guaranteed to be the envy of everyone at the park or gym.blackandred.jpg

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    Black and Dark Blue

    This version looks like sort of a more elegant inversion of the modern black and blue style we reviewed above. This time, the regular fabric comes in black while the synthetic net comes in a more mature and dark blue tonality.

    White, black and turquoise

    While several other versions might feature the Swoosh in a color that is not in the main fabric or the synthetic net, they tend not to look like true three-color versions, since the Swoosh often comes in a discrete color.

    But that is not the case with the white, black and turquoise model; this model perfectly blends the three colors in a stunning look. It features regular fabric in black, the synthetic net in white and the Swoosh and some extra applications around the laces in an exquisite turquoise blue that is guaranteed to make you look unique and trendy.Camouflage.jpg

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    Green and white

    A very distinguished version, this style comes with the regular fabric in a hard-to-describe green tone with the synthetic net and Swoosh in a cream-white color. This is probably one of the most elegant versions available.

    The all-blacks

    Finally, there is this iconic model that features the fabric, net and Swoosh in a discrete, yet distinguished deep black color. The best options for elegant minimalists who enjoy going for a run in style.

    The NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes are one of the most versatile models available in the market, so there are several styles that we couldn’t possibly review here. If you haven’t found in this review anything that seems appropriate for your particular style or taste, you should definitely browse around: there most certainly is an option that will suit you perfectly.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

     Q: Are they hard to keep clean?

    A: They are easy to keep clean, since they are made of a nylon and synthetic leather mix.

    Q: Are the tongues of the shoes attached?

    A: Yes, they are. Every shoe comes as a single piece.

    Q: Are the shoes porous? I am in a dusty/sandy environment and I don’t want the dessert to ruin the shoes.

    A: Yes, they are very porous.


    •  The NIKE Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes are trendy, fashionable and super comfortable to wear while running, training at a gym or performing any outdoors activity.
    •  The incredibly wide array of styles is guaranteed to have a version that looks great on you and adjusts perfectly to your personality and personal taste.
    •  The synthetic materials make them easy to clean, which makes them a perfectly good choice for children.
    •  They are incredibly durable, so you can take them out for a run everyday with no concerns at all.


    •  They are very porous, so they could not be the perfect fit if you happen to live in a dusty area.
    •  They do not provide greater-than-average ankle support.

     Final thoughts

     So there you go. How were the Nike Train Speed 4 Reviews? The Train Speed 4 by Nike may not fulfill every requirement but it is definitely comfortable to use and comfortable.

    Exercising daily is not only a very healthy choice you should make to improve your general quality of life, self-esteem, physical appearance and psychological and physical health, is also one of the easiest way to turn your life around: if you decide to join a gym, you will be surrounding yourself with friends who also care about their health, which definitely can lead you to start making healthier choices even outside –they might encourage you to stop smoking or drinking, to start a diet or to meditate-.

    If you decide to go to the park everyday for a run, you might be surprised of how many new people you can meet; it could be kind strangers that hang out at the park or running buddies that you encounter each day until you finally decide to talk to them an make a new friend. And even if you like to exercise at home, spending time at a stationary bicycle or a treadmill will definitely help you achieve a better life.

     Either way, the Nike Men’s Train Speed 4 Running Shoes are definitely the way to go to look amazing while exercising; they are stylish and comfortable and who knows, maybe buying a brand new pair of running shoes could be the motivation you needed to start exercising more frequently!


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